Jan Marini

Jan Marini - Age Intervention Retinol Plus


*Two Time Beauty Award Winner in 2013 and 2012!


  • Advanced peptides and antioxidants are combined with highly concentrated all-trans-retinol.
  • Maximum results are yielded via hydrating components for the skin with minimum acclimation.


  • For the first 1-2 weeks, apply gently over the entire face every other night.
  • Slowly increase usage as tolerated.
  • If irritation occurs, decrease the usage to allow for skin acclimation

Caution: Retinol is used in this product. A broad spectrum sunscreen is recommended. Use during pregnancy or breastfeeding is not recommended.

Key Ingredients

  • Green-Tea Extract
  • Chrysin
  • Alpha-Bisabolol
  • NHS ( N-Hydroxysuccinimide)
  • Shea Butter
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • All-Trans-Retinol

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