Anti-Aging Replacement is a family business that started primarily to help older men and women with fatigue, skin, and cardiovascular health. Our hormone replacement therapy practice is recognized by numerous endocrinologists and anti-aging doctors throughout the metropolitan area. They understand that we only sell true and authentic products both in our office and online with backed science on how each product individually benefits the human body. Many people think that aging is unavoidable and there is no preventative measures to take. Let us prove to you that your body and skin can not only be supported by our  exercise products, but also help to prevent any future health problems that could potentially occur later in life. Our goal is to make sure you develop an understanding on how to enhance your health so you can feel good about yourself everyday. Let us help you!

    How We Started 

     This e-commerce website was developed by Fred Sabido, a 22 year old biology major living in Staten Island, New York. He was always interested in medicine, and wanted the opportunity to bring a constant topic of discussion to an online store. In today's world, you see that people are always marketing and advertising as if they have the best product for people. It seems to always be the answer. However, nobody takes the time to explain why. Fred wants people to not only recognize the significance of the products, but how they work and benefit each individual. We show that to you instantly, by only offering what we have researched and know what works.  As you surely know, nothing is better than dealing with a small business that specifically wants the best experience for you when it comes to buying products to invest in both your health and hygiene. Fred's passion was inspired by his father, Frederick Sabido M.D., F.A.C.S., a master robotic general surgeon in the city of New York. He attended the Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education, a 7-year accelerated biomedical program and is an NYU School of Medicine graduate at the age of 23. Dr. Sabido has 25+ years of patient care experience and is now one of the busiest robotic and hormone replacement doctors in the tristate area.                               


    Anti-Aging Replacement strives to answer some of the common questions that numerous patients in the recent years would ask physicians, nurses, or any healthcare professional. Many of them include, "What can I do to make my surgical scars disappear?", "How can I improve my health outside of exercise and diet?", "Is there anything I can use daily to supplement my overall health?". After hearing numerous questions and concerns, we have decided to open up an online platform for not only patients and health seekers, but also other doctors in the area to have an easy alternative for people to buy researched and effective products. Now instead of roaming malls and supplement stores for true and reliable items, you can look here and have it at both your fingertips and at your front door in days! Physicians all over the United States turn to us to help their friends and patients. 

     There are several big name stores out there looking for your business, but none of them compare to our great prices and convenience that we offer here at Anti-Aging Replacement. The mission of our store is to offer what these big brands cannot, and that is credibility and reputation of true, reliable products. Our quality customer service, expert assistance, and easy return policy make it convenient for you to come to our website and buy with absolutely no hassle. Remember, this is about YOU AND YOUR BODY. Treat it to the best you can and to the utmost degree!

     Anti- Aging Replacement employees work hard to ensure a recurring customer base that receives an authentic, truthful experience when visiting our online website.

     We understand that certain cosmetics, supplements, and spa products can be very expensive and may even have you shy away from purchases. However, we're here to assure you that you can take care of your body regardless of your budget, and every person deserves to have an opportunity to improve their own health.

Our Number One Priority

      Whether you place an order, inquire on our social media platform, or find out about us from a friend, please do not hesitate to call, send an email, or talk to us! We truly want to see our customer's satisfaction when it comes to visiting our site and using our clinically proven anti aging products.