Why is Drinking Water So Important? Here are The Top 8 Reasons Why.

We simply cannot exist without water.

Today, many people are suffering from random conditions such as headaches, fatigue, headaches, foggy thinking, heartburn, high blood pressure, stress, joint pain, backache, hunger, and even weight gain.

These may seem unrelated but water intake can directly affect adverse health conditions.

Why Is Water Important?

Did you know? We can survive for up to 40 days without food, but only 3-4 days without water.

Why? Our bodies are 75% water while our brains are 80% water. Even your bones are 25% water!

Every single process in the human body requires water.

You need to drink enough water on a daily basis because fluid losses occur continuously – from skin evaporation, breathing, urine, and more. So, these losses must be replaced daily for good health.

When your water intake does not equal your output, you can easily become dehydrated.

Water is one important component for optimal health because water keeps your “internal stream” (or lymph system) flowing, making it harder for harmful organisms and disease to take root.

Drinking plenty of clean, high-quality water is a critical way to nourish nearly every function in your body.

This very important lymph system, which sweeps all toxins (poisons, waste, viruses, bacteria) out of the body, requires water!

Without water, the lymphatic action slows down and weakens, allowing the toxins to accumulate and settle in where then inflammation takes hold. Over time – this can lead to illness, disease and faster aging.

When there is a shortage of water in the body, some parts are forced to go without water because the brain (remember the brain itself is 80% water) will direct water to the most vital areas of the body first.

The key is to keep ahead of mild dehydration by staying hydrated!

How Can I Stay Hydrated?

To steer you in the right direction – here are 8 proven tips to stay optimally hydrated for optimal health:

1) Don’t rely upon thirst as a sign to drink water.

  • When you are thirsty, you are already 1-2% dehydrated.

2) Drink ½ of your body weight in ounces of water each day, at a minimum. 

  • So, if you weigh 120 lbs., you should be drinking 60 ounces of water each day.

3) Drink water as soon as you wake up. 

  • Your cells are mildly dehydrated when you wake up because they have gone 8 hours without water.
  • Cellular function slows down with dehydration and simply drinking water the very first thing in the morning will create amazing energy for you.

4) Remind yourself to drink water!

  • Use mobile apps such as Waterlogged (iPhone)
  • Take a water bottle with you wherever you go
  • Use sticky notes
  • Set an alarm on your phone and/or computer

5) Drinking water boosts your metabolism by 30% one hour after drinking it.

  • So, losing weight will be more effective!

6) You know you are getting enough water if your urine is clear in color.

  • The darker the urine, the more dehydrated you are.

7) If you are not yet a water fan (and you will be), consider adding fruits like herbs, mint, orange or lemon slices, berries, and even refreshing cucumber. 

  • Let the fruit-infused water sit for a couple of hours before drinking.

8) Look into getting a high-quality water ionizer to make hydrogen-rich alkaline water that is healthier and deliciously refreshing.

  • Not all water is created equal!

By implementing these tips to ensure that you’re drinking enough water, you’ll get to reap the benefits!

What Are the Benefits of Drinking Water?

There are so many benefits of drinking water consistently throughout the day, that it is worth acting on such an important component of optimal health and weight loss.

The water we personally recommend and drink every day is alkaline hydrogen water made with our water ionizer. Ionized water is packed with therapeutic levels of molecular hydrogen, antioxidants, and essential minerals that your body needs for optimal health. We can’t get enough of it!

Some of the health benefits of alkaline water include:

  • More vibrant energy
  • Protection from illness
  • Increased weight loss
  • Healthier skin
  • Better digestion

In fact – there are over 1,000 scientific studies and articles from over the years that can prove the long-term health benefits of drinking hydrogen-rich alkaline water made from water ionizers!

How to Buy a Water Ionizer and not get ripped off?

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