Clinically Proven Health Supplements for promoting lean muscle mass and recovery from non-surgical cosmetic procedures

Anti-Aging Replacement is proud to offer proven health supplements for adults and athletes from MEND Nutrition Inc.


MEND nutrition inc. is a recent add to our clinically proven anti aging collection because of its strong ingredients and brand culture. MEND nutrition works with numerous hospitals, research labs, and doctors to perfect their evidence based nutrition formula for optimal results in patients as well as online customers. Below are some credible health institutions that MEND product has been featured in:


MEND addresses many of the needs associated with getting older and lacking that youthful health you once had. Their supplements address health concerns such as illness, surgery, human performance and overall health. Not only does this brand give you immediate solution to health concerns, they also manufacture all of their products in USA, FDA certified labs using the highest quality ingredients for your consumption. Leading MDs and registered dietitians on their medical advisory continuously review each product to make sure you receive great results.


On any purchase of a MEND product, use code HEALTH10 to receive 10% off your first MEND order!  We also offer an Auto-Replenish option to continuously receive our MEND product! Any questions on your order or want to purchase, you give our office a call at 716-771-0314 . Each product specifically addresses different needs, some especially for athletes. We are more than proud to be offering this option to our online customers, and to see more of their collection on our site, click here

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