Body Weight Training: The Secret to Longevity

Opinion Piece on why we should do less weights and more bodyweight:


In today's gym it is rare to find a line at the pull-up bar. Most people are pre-occupied with the benches, dumbbells, machines and barbell racks. 

What a shame...

We feel the need to lift weights as our prime strength focus, maybe its because when we first walk into the gym all the super fit people seem to be doing impressive weights and movements. 

However, if all we ever do is lift weights and move machines all we are doing is getting stronger at doing that specific lift. We aren't building functional strength, we are building 'gym strength.'

If we want practical, long-lasting, flexible and healthy muscle growth we must master and maintain our own body weight movements.

Don't think there's enough body weight movements to hit all your muscle groups?

Think again:

Standard grip pull-ups, Wide-grip pull-ups, reverse grip pull-ups, wide-push-ups, diamond push-ups, bodyweight squat, bodyweight lunge, sit-ups, planks, reverse lunge and the list goes on.

Think you're too strong to waste your time doing body weight movements? Or want to gain muscle, but think don't think body weight movements can do it?

Try this, and tell me it isn't a way more taxing and rewarding workout than a barbell bench ladder:

10 sets: 20 push-ups, 10 burpees, 10 pull-ups, 20 sit-ups, 20 body weight squats

It may not be as much of an eager booster as repping 225 on the bench, but you will gain much more. 


I'm not saying throw the weights out of your workout, but lets re-evaluate ourselves before we jump right into it. If you can't do 100 push-ups, 50 sit-ups 15 pull-ups and 200 bodyweight squats unbroken, than why are you rushing to lift a heavy weight?

The goal of fitness is maintain it and staying healthy is a HUGE part of that. If we lack that basic bodyweight strength then what's going to be there to stabilize you under the pressure of that weight?